All proceeds go to Red Cross to help conflicted affected areas

What is this k7 you’ve stumbled upon, 30 years late to the game? Well... it’s all in the title! Make Synths Not War is a collaborative mixtape put together to raise funds for conflict-affected areas.   What’s the twist? All tracks were created from hardware and software synthesizers. From dusty analog synths, grooveboxes and vocoders, to flashy digital synths, the essence of this tape is in the oscillator.


synthesizer /sɪnθɪsʌɪzə/: an electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals, creating sounds by producing waveforms through methods including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis and frequency modulation synthesis.


Artists from Luxembourg and beyond contributed obscure jam sessions, released songs and brand new compositions. The journey paved by each track creates a unique blend of genres and atmospheres that paints the picture of the world we live in. All proceeds from this project go directly to charity, helping those in need. A big thanks to all contributing artists for their musical donations, and thank you for joining the movement. Happy listening!