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What is this k7 you’ve stumbled upon, 30 years late to the game?

Well... it’s all in the title! Make Synths Not War is a collaborative mixtape put together to raise funds for people from conflict-affected areas.  What’s the twist? All tracks were created from hardware and software synthesizers. From dusty analog synths, grooveboxes and vocoders, to flashy digital synths, the essence of this tape is in the oscillator.


synthesizer /sɪnθɪsʌɪzə/

An electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals, creating sounds by producing waveforms through methods including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis and frequency modulation synthesis.

The hottest mixtape to hit Luxembourg in 2022*

*according to us 

Artists from Luxembourg and beyond

contributed obscure jam sessions, released songs and brand new compositions. The journey paved by each track creates a unique blend of genres and atmospheres that paints the picture of the world we live in.

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00.00 Turmoil by THEM LIGHTS

03.43 Snake Island by Reno

07.05 Pebbles by Timelord

10.59 Don Dorgan by John

13.28 Deep Mind by Emina Helena

17.08 Different Skies by Raijvan Ayyappan

19.59  St r an g e  T ! m es by Sun Glitters

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00.00 Stratofellas by A-55

03.12 Exhibit Z by Edwin Aldin

06.24 Longing for Hope by Quiet Flynt

10.59 >>> by Charlotte Bridge

11.54 Coalesce (MSNW remix) by airship81

15.12 Popular Rituals by Quatermoose

19.35 Amygdala by Ryvage

All proceeds from this project go directly to the Luxembourg Red Cross helping those in need. A big thanks to all contributing artists for their musical donations, and thank you for joining the movement. 

The Luxembourg Red Cross has proposed that funds raised go to the Hariko project - An artistic project dedicated to young people

Hariko is a place for interaction, sharing and creation between artists and young people aged 12 to 26. The project is about getting young people to come and meet multitalented artists and musicians. Members can attend workshops in painting, graffiti, guitar, piano, singing, jewel creation and dance. The workshops, studios and common areas of the project are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 14:00 to 20:00. Hariko is a part of the Youth programme of the Luxembourg Red Cross.

This page wouldn't be complete without a F.A.Q section

What's Bonus Noise, and why are you doing this?

We are an independant record label, made in Luxembourg. We're always talking about how music can change the world, and this is one way we think we can help. We've organised this tape, but the true work comes from the artists who have contributed tracks. 

Where can I listen to the music?

You will only be able to listen to it by listening to the cassette tape or digital version from our store. This will also give you access to a play through of the cassette on a private youtube video (because yes we are aware, you probably don't have a cassette player at home). It will not be released on any other platforms as the participating artists complete ownership of their tracks. Many of these tracks are exclusive to this mixtape, so don't miss out ;)

I have a download code, how can I use it?

Go to our store page, you'll find the digital download of the mixtape. Just add your download code at checkout!

Where do you deliver?

Delivery costs apply on all orders based on the latest POST rates

Hey, I also like synths! Can I participate?

We're already thinking of a second edition. Reach out!

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Artwork Transparent_edited.png

A mixtape featuring:
THEM LIGHTS, Reno, Timelord, 
John, Raijvan Ayyappan,
Emina Helena, Sun Glitters, A-55,
Edwin Aldin, Charlotte Bridge, Quiet Flynt, airship81, Quatermoose & Ryvage

All proceeds go to the Luxembourg Red Cross

The working class label, made in Luxembourg

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