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"A-55 blend driven electronic beats, droning buzzy synths and heavy drops with pop infused dreamscapes. They also have lots of wall rugs and Pink Floyd mugs."

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Founded by Jonathan & Thomas, the A-55 project has always been the connection point between the two friends. Growing up together in an expending musical journey taking them from the rock to the DJ scene, they now blend their combined influences into their own style. 


Packed with the brilliant synth heavy singles released via Bonus Noise Records, along with more daring trap and house tracks from their early inception days, their most recent releases are a blend of electronic and pop that will get you dancing in no time.

New Single "Mind Frequencies" out now!
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You might Have seen A-55 Live at:


2022: Extravaganza II - The Cube (Belval, LU)

2022: Europa Festival (Koblenz, DE) 

2022: MK Bar (Belval, LU)

2022: L'autre Canal (Nancy, FR)

2021: CRC Party (Namur, BE)

2021: Farm tour festival (Namur, BE)

& in other music projects, from underground dj sets to alternative rock

Tech Rider: 

A-55: Image

2023 Bonus Noise

The working class label, made in Luxembourg

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