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Bonus Noise Studio

The Bonus Noise recording studio is a state of the art and cosy sound laboratory, equipped with high quality recording equipment and committed to capturing and treating audio with the greatest care.

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Control Room

Live Room


Full gear list:


1x Neumann TLM 49

2x Neumann Km184

1x Sontronics Sigma

1x Townsend Sphere L22

1x Violet Amethyst Vintage

2x Electro Voice R-20

1x Akg C-451

1x Akg D-112

1x Akg C-12

1x Akg D880

1x Beyerdynamic M88TG

1x Sennheiser MD-441

1x Sennheiser MD-421

1x Sennheiser e-906

1x Shure Sm-81

4x Shure Sm-57

2x Shure Sm-58

1x Shure Pg-56

1x Shure c606

1x Mxl v67

1x T-bone Sc450

And many more…

Control Room

TL Audio Tubetracker M1

Monitoring: Neumann KH103

2x Avantone Mixcubes

Apogee Rosetta 800

Universal Audio Apollo x8

Empirical Labs – Fatso (Kush Audio modification)

SSL Fusion

Smart Research – C1LA Stereo Compressor

2x JLM Audio – LA500A Opto Compressor

IGS Audio – Rubber Bands Mastering EQ

2x Warm Audio WA 12

Arsenal Audio by API EQ-24

WA76 Limiting Amplifier by Warm Audio


Dbx 166XL

003 Rack +



Pro-tools 10

Logic Pro

Ableton Live

SoundToys Plug ins

Kush Audio – Clariphonic

Waves 9 Plug ins

East-West Symphonic Orchestra Silver

Arturia V-Collection Synths



Ludwig 26″ John Bohnham Kit

Ludwig Supraphonic 14″ Snare

Ludwig LM 402 14″ Snare

Premier Project one 14″ Snare

Tama 22″ Starclassic Kit

Sonor 22″ Kit

Roland SPD-SX Sampler


Fender classic 69 Thinline Telecaster

Epiphone Casino

Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Fender Mustang Bass

Fender Hotrod, Marshall and Ashdown Amplifiers

And a wide ranging pedal effects selection


Nord Electro 4D

Roland Juno 106

Sequential – OB-6

Casio CZ-101

Roland E-Piano

Korg R3

And a whole bunch of other stuff...

The working class label, made in Luxembourg

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