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Introducing Timelord's album LVL1. - 200 ml edition only available at


Look, we've made CDs, we've made k7s, but do any of you have the gear to play them? Yeah... that's why we're shaking things up with this exclusive collaboration with - The best Gin in Luxembourg (according to us, Gin experts at Bonus Noise). And what an honour it is! Snag up this 200 ml Gin bottle in its unique palette of Pink, Blue or collect em' all with the combo pack! Get one for you, your mum, and your nephew that just turned 18. Each order comes with a download code to the digital album, in case you still love those smoothe wav or dirty mp3 files - your choice! Much Love xx 

Timelord X Jado - Only available at


    The working class label, made in Luxembourg

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