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Over 500€‎ raised for the Red-Cross/Hariko

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that we raised a total of 518 euros for Hariko! Through our fundraiser project "Make Synths Not War", artists from Luxembourg and beyond contributed obscure jam sessions, released songs and brand new compositions in a unique mixtape (yes, that thing from the eighties, but there's a YouTube video available below too!). And in case you missed it, the tape is still available in our shop and all proceeds will continue to be donated to the Red Cross and Hariko.

This has been a real journey for the BN team, from building up the project last June, getting the mixtapes printed, to presenting the whole project during our fundraising evening at Rocas last November. And finally, to having the pleasure of meeting the Hariko team, to whom the funds will be distributed. They do an amazing work, definitely check them out on the 25th of March for their open doors!

As a final note to this analog ride, we decided to make the mixtape digitally available to the world. Get a pair of headphones, and immerse yourself the the sounds of synths, it's a real trip. And of course, it's not too late to support the project by checking out our store or donating to the Red Cross directly.

It feels like we've said this a million times, but truly, a massive thanks to:

- Every artist who sent us a track, and made this whole thing possible: THEM LIGHTS, Reno, Timelord, John, Raijvan Ayyappan, Emina Helena, Sun Glitters, A-55, Edwin Aldin, Charlotte Bridge, Quiet Flynt, airship81, Quatermoose & Ryvage!

- Ara, 100,7 & RTL Today for having us on air to present the project

- N & N, for getting the Ultimate Fundraiser packs!

- A, for being the highest bidder on the original hand painted artwork!

- Natachips for all the support during the event!

- Rocas for hosting us!

And of course, every single person who got a tape!

The Bonus Noise Team

PS: We're already thinking of the v2! So if you want to participate in a next edition, reach out!

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