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Race 2 xmas: 4 new music videos on Bonus Noise

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

It's the same every year. December rolls around, and everything has to be hectic. All the deadlines are due, you're still missing xmas presents, and worst of all: it's cold. Bonus Noise being a massive corporation (cough cough), are not impermeable to running late on schedule either.

So we decided to release four projects that we've been working on for the better part of a year, in a single month! Our Race 2 xmas - televised edition - has been a rollercoaster, and we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. And because we are now all snuggled in, the time-sheets are submitted, and the turkey is in the oven, we think it's time for a little retrospective. Grab some pop-corn and tune in!

4th December: The Manavelin Collective's took on "Afterglow" by Ed Sheeran - a live cover with an atmospheric video by Paulius Sokolovas. Special thanks go out to the Hollenfels church and Lex Gillen for the location. A beautiful rendition of this now classic tune. Perfect for those cold and cosy evenings by the fire.

12th December: This was followed by some bouncy driven beats by A-55, with their new music video for their title "Mind Frequencies". Jumping between live action shots of their gig in Belval and an old VW beetle. What else does one need to kick off the celebrations for the festive period?

18th December: We were thrilled add to our label this new single from Afrodytease feat. special guest Dougal Hallowes titled "Time is Real". This one is a real psychedelic trip, and let me tell you, that sitar will get you vibing in no time.

21st December: And finally... the much awaited return of Lumi. The first band to release a record on Bonus Noise back in 2011. They are back for one last time with a brand new single titled "Everything Could Have Been" with a flamboyant video by Ted Kayumba.

So, what do you think? A huge thanks to all the people who've helped us on these DYI musical adventures and shenanigans, you know who you are. And thanks to you, if you're still reading!

Merry Christmas and see you in 2023!

Love, from the Bonus Noise Team

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