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Timelord Releases LVL1.

Timelord has released his debut album in an unconventional format—a gin bottle. Yup, you've read correctly! We've transitioned from cassette tapes directly to collaborating with the local gin gurus for this release. This unique partnership moves the album from streaming platforms directly into your hands.

Picture by Caroline Martin, 2023

LVL1 is an eight-track electronic album featuring previously released singles such as the ESCH2022's Sound of Data track “Data Dreams” presented at the Rockhal, and the head-banging "Now U Know”. The brand new "Flightless 2003" will have you grooving in no time, and the "Soma" vocal edit might even get you singing. The album has already been spotlighted in Bold, RTL, and on Radiora. 

Picture by

With pre-orders now concluded, the only place where you can secure your exclusive LVL1. Gin album is on Purchasing it give you ownership of the music through a limited, hand-signed collectible download card. Don’t miss out! You can catch Timelord live on the 26th of April at Rotondes, opening for Foreigners & Ryvage.

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