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A-55: RTL - Wonderfully whimsical homemade video

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

A-55 blend driven electronic beats, droning buzzy synths and heavy drops with pop infused dreamscapes. They also have lots of wall rugs and Pink Floyd mugs.

Described as "instrumentals that propel one forward towards a rave in the woods or a silent disco in your grandmas living room", the latest promo video that accompanies Freefall, could well have been at either locale. Lockdown has meant a reduced budget and, a la, Be Kind Rewind, the A-55 bods have put this stop motion piece together. It genuinely brings a smile to your face. A-55 were one the many talented Luxembourg acts that we had on our Livestreams almost one year here to relive the action. More info on the musicians here:

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The working class label, made in Luxembourg

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