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Timelord to play new track at Rockhal on December 3

As part of his #Soundofdata residency at rocklab, Timelord will be performing a track made from data sets.

"As a part of the Sound of Data project for Esch 2022, Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux, two mathematicians at the University of Luxembourg, embarked on a project to explore how artists achieve harmony, balance and beauty by their use of elementary geometric shapes. To do this, they decided to get the crowd involved. And from this idea, the ReShape project was born: an adventure that spans continents, disciplines and senses. "

"Curious as to what thousands of triangles, pixels, and curves might sound like? Hester Bolle, Timelord and Mike von der Nahmer are currently sonifying and composing music based on this intriguing geometric and artistic data. In the meanwhile, Bruno and Hugo are creating visuals to illustrate this multi-sensorial project (you can preview some of these here). These compositions will be showcased during the Sound of Data final show on December 3 at the Rockhal."

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