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ARA City Radio Interview: Make Synths Not War Charity tape

" Edwin Van Veen and Thomas Evans from Bonus Noise Records joined Tom on the Breakfast Show this morning to talk about 'Make Synths Not War' a new cassette compilation of synthesizer music featuring artists from Luxembourg and the Grand Region that they will be launching tomorrow night with an event at Rocas.

Make Synths Not War is a collaborative mixtape put together to raise funds for people from conflict-affected areas. What’s the twist? All tracks were created from hardware and software synthesizers. From dusty analog synths, grooveboxes and vocoders, to flashy digital synths.

The cassette will be available at the event at Rocas which will kick off at 6.30pm. During the event Edwin and Thomas will present the project and screen a film and there will be a listening station available for people to preview the cassette. Upon purchasing the cassette, buyers will also receive a download code to access the music digitally.

All proceeds from this project go directly to the Luxembourg Red Cross helping those in need."

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