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Make Synths Not War - A synth mixtape for charity, made in Luxembourg

We've done it! After months of preparation, we're thrilled to open our "Make Synths Not War" pre-orders. But what is this k7 you’ve stumbled upon, 30 years late to the game? Well... it’s all in the title! Make Synths Not War is a collaborative mixtape put together to raise funds for people from conflict-affected areas featuring tracks from: THEM LIGHTS, Reno, Timelord, John, Raijvan Ayyappan, Emina Helena, Sun Glitters, A-55, Edwin Aldin, Charlotte Bridge, Quiet Flynt, airship81, Quatermoose & Ryvage.

What’s the twist? All tracks were created from hardware and software synthesizers. From dusty analog synths, grooveboxes and vocoders, to flashy digital synths, the essence of this tape is in the oscillator.

And what an exciting collaboration this has been. Each artist, in their own way, contributed obscure jam sessions, released songs or even brand new compositions. And we're beyond the moon that some of the very best synth artists from Luxembourg have donated tracks for this project. We even have some cross border action, with two awesome tracks from Belgium & Italy.

At the Bonus Noise headquarters, we've been listening to all of the tracks for the better part of two months now, and let me tell you that the journey the tape takes you on is an emotional one. With each track mixing into the next, the unique blend of genres and atmospheres paint the picture of the world we live in, one wave at a time.

Look... let's address the elephant in the room. We know you threw out that old cassette player years ago. Maybe you didn't even have one in the first place. But we not only promise that this tape will look dashing next to your Bonsai collection, but also that the 45 minute exclusive play-though video recording will be as vintage & crunchy as the real thing. And in the day and age of NFTs, maybe this memorabilia of a time now passed can remind us that whilst some things are fun to bring back, others should be left behind ( hint, title of the tape).

In the end, this project is all about raising funds for the Luxembourg Red Cross! By the way, they have proposed to contribute to the Hariko project - An artistic project dedicated to young people. So join us at Rocas on November 23 for the release event, and maybe a beer or two! And in the meantime, go ahead and PRE-ORDER the cassette tape, stickers, or maybe even the ultimate fundraiser if you're feeling generous. Use the code MSNWLU for free delivery on the Pre-order! And remember, Make Synths Not War!

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