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RadioAra Interview: Lumi bow out with 'Everything Could Have Been'

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

"Jussi and Edwin from Lumi joined Tom in the studio this morning to share their new single 'Everything Could Have Been' which in a bittersweet twist is also the band's final output as they decide to put a close to the project.

Lumi began making music together in late 2008. After putting out some early demos the band achieved success quickly, playing at Rockafield festival and touring around Europe. After releasing their debut album, the band put the project on hold whilst they all went off to university but since then have reconvened sporadically to record music and play concerts.

with the release of 'Everything Could Have Been', Lumi have decided to hang up their guitars and move forward to new projects. The track is released today (21-12-2022) on Bonus Noise recordings and is accompanied by a music video directed by Luxembourg-based film maker Ted Kayumba.

The song deals with the theme of life's choices and possible choices. In the video which was filmed in locations around Luxembourg, Lumi front woman Christy Frieden is seen moving in different landscapes, navigating through a dream.

The video for 'Everything Could Have Been' will be available for streaming on the Bonus Noise Youtube Channel later this afternoon.

With one chapter closing, another one opens. We're looking forward to seeing what the members of Lumi will do next.

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